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Clean. Fresh. Pure. Selvage™ is a Toronto-based skincare concept, consciously developed for all types of skin and every type of customer. Inclusion, acceptance, and appreciation are at the core of the brand’s formula, identity, and language -- from art direction to copywriting.

Our strategy for the brand delivery was to develop a humanistic design that spoke to the company’s mission, vision, and values of equity and body-positivity. We aimed to make a memorable brand that put the customer first. In a sense, we wanted Selvage to be simultaneous beautiful and invisible. A reflective surface that returned the best image of the owner. The product is simply a tool to make you feel like your most honest, beautiful, and confident self.

"Strength from within and reinforced throughout." That concept was a guiding principle from the start of the program. It also influenced the brand name we settled on: Selvage. Originating from the textile industry, "selvage" refers to the structural binding that ensures a fabric will not fray. As humans with complex lives and body images, we could all use a little extra support from emotionally fraying and staying as put together as we desire.


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