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Realm is the first globally collaborative real estate collective built around the unique lifestyles and personal interests of each client. A curated luxury lifestyle platform that collects, secures, and repositions client data to improve the holistic real estate experience — for each individual real estate professional and their collective client base. 

Our journey with Realm began when it was just a simple concept in the minds of the founders. They understood that the real estate industry was due for a change -- to both better the clients it services and the improve the tools that professionals rely on. We joined the pitch process -- alongside marketers, PR agents, analysts, and business consultants -- to help shape the early look and feel of the theoretical company. Being a part of company's initial formation gave us particular advantage to help trial and tweak the visual identity while the brand positioning was being live-tested with potential partners and investors.

Once the business concept was deemed viable and funding secured, we were already two steps ahead into building the corporate identity. Our problem to solve was clear: Design a brand that could serve as the beating heart of the real estate industry, but didn't feel like a traditional brokerage. Additionally, we needed to speak to the AI-driven nature of the tool, while still appealing to the lifestyle-minded outputs of the platform. With this direction in place, we developed a powerful, but simple identity system, designed the global launch campaign, and established the digital architecture for the company's worldwide rollout.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Website Design
Campaign Development
Collateral Design
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