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PMI Worldwide

PMI Worldwide, formerly known as Pacific Market International, is a global leader of food and beverage product design, marketing, and manufacturing, developing over 200 new products annually — both under the company’s own brands as well as third-party private labels. In 2019, the executive team felt that a rebrand was a necessary part of the company’s evolution, both in terms of form and function.

With offices and manufacturing posts around the world, the company wanted to embrace its expanding global footprint, along with modernize its persona. Goodbye “Pacific Market International,” hello “PMI Worldwide.”  The old PMI wordmark had a lot going on without actually saying much. There was a lack of clarity and cleanliness. We wanted the mark to “get to the point” quickly and effectively, so the viewer didn’t get lost in superfluous design decisions. Additionally, the simplicity was functional as the branding needed to cooperate alongside sub-brands, without clashing or overpowering.

In addition to the logomark, we helped reimagine the brand by introducing a "pop and play" aesthetic, complete with new color palette, friendly sans serif typography pairings, and geometric pattern system. The custom patterns were designed around company values and told the story of the brand’s effort for sustainable manufacturing. This plug-and-play pattern system could be used across company touch-points, both digital and physical, along with internal communications and packaging. 


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