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In 2019 our friends at MWWPR, one of the world’s leading independent PR agencies, reached out to discuss a global rebrand. It was early in the planning, prior to any new positioning platform was in place, but we were happy to join the dialog and ignite the creative direction. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the project proceeded. A lucky few programs catapult companies into the stratosphere, many are a slow and steady burn for generations, a bunch fizzle or flame out, and some fail to even launch. This is a story of the latter. But why waste good concepts and hard work, right? Here is a case study of “what could have been.”

The rebrand concept included new logotype, color palette, brand pattern, type pairings, and marketing copy. For the logo, we wanted to create a little more distinction, personality, and joy. We built a flexible mark that could stack in various ways based the context. However, at the core of each was a double-w. This linked “w” solved two problems: 1) the awkward negative space between the two letterforms and 2) creating a confetti shape that implied celebration, joy, and success that the firm would bring to client work. 

To resolve the lack of emotion expressed in the old identity, we introduced a totally fresh color palette. Away went the black, white and orange. Welcome deep purple, electric aqua, playful pinks, and creamy blues. This dynamic palette was a celebration, not a somber matter. Paired with razor-thin serif headlines and upbeat copy, the new brand was light-hearted punch in the face. That felt right for a firm that made major positive impacts for Fortune 500 businesses day after day.


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