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Have you ever stayed at a hotel that you wished could be your home? A place that makes you feel sophisticated, yet relaxed? Stylish and casual? Playful, but cultured? That was the intention behind the HotelWren concept brand. Welcome back home.

Too often modern hospitality brands trade personality in exchange for elegance. In pursuit of refinement, comfort and charm is bleached from the aesthetic. Our goal was to build a brand that welcomed you like a cable-knit sweater in winter.  This was accomplished in a few ways. First, we created a logotype that spoke to the pliable nature of the space, something that seemed to mold to the shifting desires and moods of the guests. We married multiple letterforms and shapes through a custom sans-serif affixed to a classic serif. This motif also helped build a cohesive framework for sub-branding (CafeWren) and wayfinding.

The other main tactic for bringing warmth and charm to the space was through quirky illustrations, hand-drawn shapes, and unexpected patterns. These elements were sprinkled into guest touch-points, brand merchandise, informational materials, wall murals, room art, and signage. Whether while glancing at a menu featuring the "House Creature" (the ambiguous curvy human-like figure) or sporting a HotelWren tee emblazoned with a Matisse-inspired flower, the playful brand illustrations are guaranteed to lift spirits.


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands.