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Highline Wellness is on a mission to make a more pleasant world, one dose at a time by providing natural, affordable, and effective CBD supplements, giving everyone access to a happier, heather, and more peaceful state of mind and body. 

Highline approached us (in partnership with Unspoken Agreement) at a critical junction. Poised for rapid growth and boasting a fanbase of loyal users, but not packaged for primetime. Our goal was to elevate the company to the next level, while still honoring its customers. Inspired by the idea of spirited buoyancy and weightless joy, we went about redesigning the brand from the ground up — a new, more sophisticated identity; fresh and welcoming brand voice; airier color palette; clean packaging; and more more, friendly website. Elevate to the Highline. Welcome to Highline Wellness 2.0.

In keeping with the spirit of airiness, we started with stripping away elements of the old identity that only created drag. This left us with a clean palette to build upon. For the logo, we removed the train car reference to keep the mark more simple and abstract. For the color story, we maintained the same cool hues, but reversed the hierarchy, electing for a white base to highlight the product's relaxing effects. One brand element that can be found on multiple touch-points is the split-circle, which eludes to the transformational qualities of CBD.


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