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Atelier is an arts-driven private members club, which officially opened in London in Spring 2020. The original vision of the club was a physical space, granting patrons access to a premier social club and automatic shared ownership of the club’s valuable art collection. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, after the brand was developed, the company transformed into a virtual offering. 

Atelier approached our team with a goal to develop a brand with a fresh take in a well-worn London sector: a private club. That simple idea was the foundation for the brand strategy. Modern-classic. Unassumingly-rich. Uniquely-familiar. We set out to develop an identity that stood on its own within a crowded marketplace, but humble enough to allow for the space -- its impressive collection of art, and a diverse patronage -- to take the spotlight. Along with a confident wordmark, we created a provocative suite of brand articles, including a rich color palette, character-driven art direction, and luxurious collateral pieces to match the house.

Rather than a white-box, museum-like approach, we aimed for sophisticated comfort. After all, the main draw was a physical space that was inviting and encouraged relaxed gatherings, creative collaborations, idea-sharing, social events, and conversations about art and culture. The colors we introduced were rich and pleasing and the brand stylings were cool-classics paired with avant-guard touches. The art direction was build around unique thoughts, identities, and textures -- all while still feeling inclusive and approachable.


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